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Why Motivation Alone Isn't Enough

Motivation... a word that can carry many meanings. Yet, sometimes, motivation alone isn't enough. I remember like it was yesterday, the day I said goodbye to my small New Jersey hometown to start an Army career and “redeem” myself from my “free-spirited” lifestyle. It opened the doors to travel the world, create lifelong relationships with people I might not have otherwise met, and bless me with some of the most diverse leadership and coaching opportunities in the world.

Why motivation alone isn't enough and what should be paired with it for you to reach goals.

I'd eventually find myself spending over 10 years in Europe before landing in my now-home, Hawaii. I had built a beautiful little family, led teams, grew leaders, traveled the world, became an entrepreneur, and more. But there was still something missing. Was it a lack of motivation?

Surely not!

So, what was it?

Well, friend, it's something that most of us all have in common. It's the mindset and belief system that all we need is motivation and we can do anything. However, what happens when motivation alone isn't enough?

What to Pair with Motivation to Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes you can have all the discipline, strength, and motivation in the world, but still just can't seem to get where you're wanting to go in life. This is when it's time to get inspired! This hit me back in 2019 when I had what I call my "mid-life awakening". I did a few life-changing things - read more about that here - and birthed a new program and service called Vision 2020 (now Aligned + Inspired).

The overall goal of Aligned + Inspired is to help discover/rediscover passion and purpose to develop a “perfect (20/20)” vision to make foresight (and not just hindsight) 20/20. I felt a calling to bring others along on this journey to share the motivation and positive energy – why not? While helping others build a vision for their lives, mine became crystal clear:

"To inspire people to maximize their potential and get the most out of life."

There's that word again - inspiration. From my personal story, I've come up with three ways inspiration paired with motivation can help you succeed in reaching your goals.

Yes you can written in the sand to show you can be inspired to do anything.

3 Ways Inspiration Helps Boost Motivation

Inspiration encourages you to be better.

Is there a particular person, place, or thing that inspires you? When you think about them, do you feel motivated to do better? Honestly, you should! People say it all the time, "So-and-so inspired me to be a better person or do a certain thing better!" And that's just it. Within that inspiration also lies motivation, discipline, and strength to keep moving forward.

Inspiration can drive you to do better.

Once I realized my inspiration was tied to seeing others thrive, I could then find the motivation to do what I needed to truly help them. For me, I decided to pursue my International Coach Federation (ICF) certification to enhance my ability to do what I love and best serve my clients. The same principle can be applied in your life. Identify what inspires you and allow it to kickstart the motivation you need to do what needs to be done.

Inspiration will keep you focused.

When you have goals, there needs to be a focus. What will keep you focused? Simply trying to stay motivated to write that post, call that person, send that email? Or will you stay focused because of inspiration coupled with motivation. Through that perspective, the tables turn. You will make the phone call because the possibility of the result is motivating. You will write that email because the person on the receiving end inspires you. Inspiration + motivation = focus.

The word inspiration spelled out with letter tiles.

Final Thoughts

Each week I deliver a new word of the week in my Facebook group, along with a little challenge to help you walk it out. When it comes to inspiration, I want you to think about someone who has inspired you. What traits and qualities do they have that draw you to them? Are there any that you share in common? Are there any you'd like to emulate? Think about this and tap into it to keep you motivated and inspired!

Watch this week's video below, and while you're there, hit the Subscribe and bell buttons so you'll be notified of each week's new word to keep you Aligned + Inspired!

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