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Passion to Serve

My Story

In March of 2003, the day the war in Iraq began, I left home with one bag, $60, lots of fears and quite a few tears. Little did I know that a somewhat random decision to leave my small New Jersey hometown to start an Army career at the age of 20 to pay for college and “redeem” myself from my “free-spirited” lifestyle would allow me to travel the world, create lifelong relationships with people I might not have otherwise met, and bless me with some of the most diverse leadership and coaching opportunities in the world. After over 10 years in Europe, a couple deployments to Iraq, the blessing of becoming a mother, and spending the past several years in Hawaii learning and growing, leading teams, coaching leaders, traveling the world, becoming an entrepreneur, real estate ventures, degrees, certifications, awards, you name it… there was still something missing, and I felt horrible about it. How could the woman that “has done it all” not be satisfied?

Fast-forward to 2019 and what I call my "mid-life awakening" (no "crisis" in an optimist’s world). Time to get out of my comfort zone, find true passion and prove I can do anything I set my mind to (and so can you!).


I decided to cut my hair off (19 inches!!!), get perfect vision (LASIK Eye Surgery), run a marathon, and go all in for a dream home in Hawaii. What a year it was! Check, check, check.... Now what?!? I still felt something missing… That’s when Vision 2020 (now Aligned + Inspired) was born to help discover/rediscover passion and purpose to develop a “perfect (20/20)” vision for the year 2020 and beyond. I felt a calling to bring others along on this journey to share the motivation and positive energy – why not? Suddenly the group grew over a thousand members. The Vision-building Workshop and 12-week Program were created and I started coaching clients from around the world, watching their goals and dreams fall into place, and fell more and more in love with this journey. I took a six-month in-depth accredited coaching course to pursue my International Coach Federation (ICF) certification to enhance my ability to do what I love and best serve my clients. Finally, after many years of coaching myself and others to some exciting achievements, and retirement after 20 years of service, I am passionately working on my personal vision:


"Plan work around life instead of life around work doing what I love"

As a leader of various military and civilian teams and organizations, up to 160 people at one point in my career, I have always had a deep and genuine passion to help people achieve their personal and professional goals, and have pursued that passion in all areas of life. I love how every individual mind, heart, and soul works intricately to make each person a unique gift to the world. I enjoy seeing people bring out their best and get the most true value out of life. And doing this is my life's work...

My mission & passion are to help you build an aligned vision & strategy to achieve your unique version of success. 

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Throwback to one of those raw moments when the vision became clearer...
Are you ready to clarify your vision, strategize the path to accomplish it, and celebrate success?!?

We all have a story to tell...

I look forward to hearing your story and sharing paths to the most exciting moments in this beautiful thing we call life.

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