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Vision: What It Is and Why It Matters

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

What is YOUR vision? What is that ideal life or desired goal you are striving to achieve? Are you able to visualize those big goals clear enough to work toward achieving them in the first place? I'm asking you these questions because often times we set sail toward the life and career of our dreams without a clear direction of how to get there. This is where vision comes in. It is important to discover what it is and why it matters, especially if you want to see it become a reality.

A girl thinking about her vision, what it is and why it matters.

What does it mean to have a "vision" for your life or major goals?

Vision is the compass that points you in the direction you need to go. What if you knew the distance you had to travel was 100 miles, but had no idea of the direction? You could essentially travel 100 miles in the wrong direction to end up taking 200 miles of travel to reach the final destination.

Consider your vision like your compass, your north star, your GPS...

Why does having a vision matter?

Regardless of how you choose to see it, having a vision is 100% necessary for setting and reaching your goals. Your strategy is the "how" you will get there. Your vision points you in the direction to go. How powerful is that?! Visualizing the end state is something you likely do already, if only the finger snap worked along with vision to get that piece of furniture assembled and ready to use, or the laundry folded and put away. The real power comes when you create a vision for something big you want in life, and take action by strategizing and following a plan to achieve it.

A guy looking through binoculars to see his vision.

Having a vision helps you to see your outcome more clearly.

A vision is critical to a desired outcome and ultimately to living your ideal life. You may have had a vision of a college degree, a vacation on the beach with your butt in the sand and a margarita in hand. Perhaps you've envisioned crossing the finish line of a race, cutting the ribbon at a grand opening, or holding a little bundle of joy fresh to the world. These are things that we can more easily or commonly visualize for our lives. What else? Is that all?

Having a vision helps make your dreams a reality.

What are those things that are not as easy to visualize? What are you most passionate about? What dreams are trapped in your heart? What is something unique to you that you want to manifest in your life? Oftentimes these are tied to some of our deepest, wildest dreams that we shutter at when thinking of telling someone else about them, and tend to believe that they are "too big".

But what if you could manifest your ultimate dreams and vision into reality? What's stopping you? Belief? Commitment? Maybe confidence and a realistic plan? All of these are totally doable! Your vision is the first major step.

Having a vision boosts your confidence in obtaining your goals.

When you know where you want to go and how you'll get there, that's a mega confidence booster! Speaking from personal experience, I wouldn't have had the confidence to do HALF the things I've done in life without vision. Did it come easily? Not really. However, by putting my own strategies to practice, I was able to see my desired goals, align them with my vision, and map out the plans to reach them.

Here and now is where I share these strategies with you. Let's create your vision for where you want to be and what you want to achieve!

DREAM: The Vision

This Sunday, I'm hosting a DREAM: The Vision webinar. During this webinar, you will learn the benefits of vision, some fundamental steps on how to develop one, and the importance of a plan to guide you on the path to success in achieving your goals and dreams. This is a unique opportunity to sit in with me for FREE and soak up all the info for making your vision a reality!

Do you have a personal vision for your life? A professional one for your career? A specific goal you want to achieve? Come to the webinar with your dreams in mind! Even the ones you can't visualize...

See you Sunday!

A group of people excited about mastering their vision and goals.

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