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There's no greater joy than to give...


Fill your cup by filling theirs...

Here are some ways to "give back" or "pay forward":

I want to help

Tis the Season

Christmas is one of the most cherished and celebrated times of the year for many families and friends to come together with love and joy in their hearts. The sad thing is, some never really get to experience what we do, especially sad for children. Our goal is to provide a nice meal that will help the children feel a sense of community and that they have not been forgotten this and every holiday season. Anything you can provide to help them enjoy the holiday is greatly appreciated. As a young military member said when he has so generously donated gift cards year after year "what is nothing to me means everything to them"... So true. A trip to Target or Walmart is nothing for us... To them it's that feeling of Christmas that everyone deserves, especially children.


What is "nothing" to us can mean "the world" to them

In addition to food donations, gift cards are encouraged as the shelter is a transitional place for many of the kids, it makes it easy for all kids to get something age and gender appropriate that they want. Other donation options are new or gently used clothing or items that you think would be useful for boys and girls 5-18 years old. There are mostly teens at the shelter at this time. We are also hoping to find some musical instruments (if you have an old but functional instrument you do not use and could part with) and buy some online lessons they can share. They have also asked for some "field trips" to do activities like go carts, water park, ropes course, roller skating, etc, so we're hoping to get donations to take them on some adventures. Anything you're able to give is appreciated and means so much to them!

"Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have"

- Jim Rohn


Feel free to get the family involved! If you have children, ask them if they can help you find the perfect gift. Have them make a Christmas card, go through their belongings to donate, or think of a special gift for them. Giving starts at home, but should not end there. 

Happy Holidays!

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