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Free Live Classes Every Friday on Zoom
5:30am HST/11:30am EST

Meeting ID: 6030338367

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Fitness is a huge part of a holistic balance. Exercise provides endless benefits to the mind, body and soul. 


Freestyle Fitness is easy to follow and hard not to smile with this beat-bumping workout switching between different genres of music in each class and just going with the flow of the beat to do a complete body workout - cardio, core, legs, arms, free weights!! A great workout to do anywhere and for all levels of fitness. 

Agenda (~ 45 minutes total):
- Five minute warm-up/stretch
- 35 minute workout 
- Three minute cool down

- One minute #contemplanking (plank or whatever you want!)

Class Overview (Watch before your first class)

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Free Full Sample Class

Full Free Sample Class (Warm-up, Workout, Cool Down)

Full Free Sample Class (Warm-up, Workout, Cool Down)

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