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Are you ready to do "that thing" or live "the life" you've always wanted? Going through a life change or career transition? Feeling stuck? Trying to overcome distractions to achieve goals? Just ready to make things happen? Well, you are in the right place! 


Accelerate the path to your goals and ideal life with a clear vision of your unique version of success, an attainable strategy with realistic milestones, and the purpose and motivation to achieve all of this and more. Are you ready to be the best version of yourself? Let's make it happen!

Andrea's mission & passion are to help you build an aligned vision & strategy to achieve your unique version of success. 

Passion toward a life of service...

Combat veteran, Information Technology (IT) officer and devoted leader, Andrea is continuing a life of service by fulfilling her own dream as a Visionary Life Strategist whose passion and mission are to help you get more out of life.

Andrea will help you identify and clear the path to success in life, both personal and professional, with focus on value that does not revolve around a dollar sign. Life's true value comes from the things we feel and that you cannot put a price tag on.


Together, we will:

1. Clarify your goals and unique version of success

2. Break down the steps, strategy and milestones to achieve them with confidence

3. Maintain commitment to desired outcomes and celebrate successes

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Kae P., Japan

Andrea is very supportive, warm, and sincere. Her encouragement helped me take steps that I couldn't take on my own

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Jeremy J., Texas

After a couple of sessions with Andrea, I knew she had the energetic drive to guide me out of my analysis paralysis of certain projects. I truly appreciate her ability to ask powerful questions that resonate with me personally. 

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Bill W., Arkansas

I appreciate her enthusiastic,
yet easy-going, approach.

I found that her optimistic and engaging discussions helped me unlock some hidden potential that I had not previously realized. Wish I had worked with her years ago.

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Heidi Y., Japan

She truly has a way of getting a person to see their own potential… I strongly encourage you to reach out to her and see what dreams you can actually achieve with her help. 

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This is gonna be great!

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